Jerry Lee Lewis is at the heart of the latest issue of Vintage Rock as we mark his sad passing with an array of special features.

Inside, a host of famous names pay tribute to the legendary rock’n’roller and we open the VR archive for an interview with The Killer himself. Elsewhere, we trace Jerry Lee’s rise to fame on the Sun label and explore how he reinvented himself to become a multi-faceted performer during his later years. We also serve up our Top 20 countdown of lesser-known tracks from the great man that may have slipped under your radar.

Our classic album this issue is neo-rockabilly gem Fight Back by The Blue Cats and, ahead of a hotly-anticipated new boxset due out in January, we take an in-depth look at Elvis Presley’s live shows throughout 1972.

We also head to Soho to tell the tale of how its bohemian clubs birthed UK rock’n’roll in the 50s and take a trip inside the doors of the “Las Vegas of the North”, Batley Variety Club, to hear how one remarkable promoter attracted some of the music world’s biggest names to an unassuming mill town in West Yorkshire.

Join us, too, as we profile the big-voiced LaVern Baker and meet ex-Blasters frontman Dave Alvin who reveals all about his battles to stay in the rockin’ game.


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