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Available as a single issue, or as a digital subscription, the Vintage Rock digital edition is the must-have app for anyone who is passionate about classic rock’n’roll.

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About Vintage Rock magazine

Vintage Rock celebrates a time when music changed the world – 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Spanning the dawn of the ’50s and the seismic release of ‘Rock Around the Clock’ through to the early ’60s and right up to the modern rockin’ scene, Vintage Rock chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers – and why it’s still the best way to live. This special magazine rejoices in the music and verve of the greats like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and a host more, and speaks to a contemporary audience that relishes the vitality and flair of the era.

Featuring the finest writing, rare pictures, exclusive interviews, reviews of new singles and albums, and coverage of today’s vibrant live scene, Vintage Rock is a unique magazine that relishes the vitality and flair of the music that started everything.

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