Shakin’ The Blues: Rock’n’Roll Kittens Vol.3
Rating: 3/5
Big band-backed mid-50s females with a good dose of rock’n’roll stylings make this a worthwhile listen. Acts include Betty Hutton, with Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad (better known obviously by Wanda Jackson), Etta James’ sublime Good Rockin’ Daddy, and the title track, by Doris Day, no less. However, apart from Ella Mae Morse, Kay Starr and Dolly Cooper, most acts on this 25-track compilation will not be familiar, so the likelihood of buying duplicates is as remote as some of these names. John Howard

The Bluejays: Rock’n’Roll Revolution
Rating: 3/5
Based on a U.K. travelling show celebrating the pioneers of the Big Beat, this 21-track, 50-minute collection makes a fine souvenir for those who’ve seen the event. Rock Around The Clock, Blue Suede Shoes and Johnny B Goode are likely to feature in any rock’n’roll collection by the originals, but the casual theatre-goer might be tempted to discover Bill Haley, Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry by these versions. Oliver Seymour-Marsh, Dan Graham and Chris Reid who sing and play on this are young and enthusiastic and should therefore be encouraged. JH


Annette Funicello: The Collection 1958-1962
Rating: 3/5
Long before Justin Timberlake and Christine Aguilera joined the Mickey Mouse Club on TV, Annette Funicello made the show her own. She may not be remembered in the U.K., but in the States she had a string of hit singles and albums, major film roles in beach-themed movies and her own television series. This vast 2CD set covers her every base, from teen novelty to Italian and Hawaiian-themed material, from ballads to near-rockers like Tall Paul. Copious sleevenotes, too, from compiler Paul Watts. JH