In our latest issue, to mark 60 years since his passing, we celebrate rockabilly trailblazer Johnny Burnette. Talking exclusively to Vintage Rock, Johnny’s son Rocky Burnette reflects on the legacy of his father, both solo and as part of the Rock’n’Roll Trio with Dorsey Burnette and Paul Burlison.

Also keeping it in the family, John Carter Cash tells us about the new Johnny Cash album Songwriter, which serves up unreleased music from The Man In Black recorded in 1993.

Elsewhere, we profile two pioneers who’ve arguably been undervalued down the years in the genesis story of rock’n’roll – Big Mama Thornton and DJ Dewey Phillips. We also have an in-depth look at The Everly Brothers’ comeback album EB 84, courtesy of sidemen Pete Wingfield and Terry Williams.

Meanwhile, Vintage Rock heads to Bad Nauheim in Germany to preview the European Elvis Festival and we take a deep dive into the gospel albums of The King, Little Richard, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

On the interviews front, we meet Eliza Stark & The Dappers, Shannon & The Clams and hear from Brazilian rockin’ DJ and singer Christine Carter about the music that shaped her life.

Our latest classic album is the Buddy Holly double-disc compilation Legend and we also count down our Top 20 Rock’n’Roll Duos Singles.

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