In our latest issue, we have an exclusive interview with Van Morrison about his new covers album of 50s and 60s rock’n’roll gems. Accentuate The Positive sees the legendary singer-songwriter serving up his own versions of killer tracks by the likes of Gene Vincent, Little Richard, The Everly Brothers and Fats Domino.

Elsewhere we take a look at an incredible haul of items from Eddie Cochran’s bedroom that is now thrilling rockin’ fans as part of a new travelling exhibition and in-depth book.

To mark 35 years since his passing, we celebrate the life and legacy of Roy Orbison and also go behind the scenes of the new must-see Hollywood biopic of Priscilla Presley.

We head to Liverpool to hear details of a forthcoming orchestral tribute to Billy Fury and also catch up with the city’s most famous skiffle band, The Quarry Men.

Our latest classic album features the R&B sounds of The MidnightersTheir Greatest Hits and we spin the clock back to check out the early rockabilly years of ‘The High Priest of Country’, Conway Twitty.

We also catch up with powerhouse singer Jane Rose who is about to bring her Deadends to the UK’s shores and meet Maryland rockabillies The Rock-A-Sonics ahead of their date at the Rockin’ Race in Spain.

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