In the latest Vintage Rock we take an in-depth look at how TV tried to tame Elvis following his controversial appearances on the small screen in 1956.

Elsewhere, we also meet the King’s partner of four-and-a-half years, Linda Thompson, who reveals all about her life with Presley in the 70s.

We talk to guitarist Greg Townson about his latest instrumental album, Off And Running, and catch up with “genre fluid” rockers The Strays plus retro blues trio GA-20.

As iconic movie The Wild One is reissued on Blu-ray, we look at how Marlon Brando prompted a generation of teen rebels as brooding leading man Johnny Strabler.

Jerry Lee Lewis’ eponymous 1979 debut for Elektra is our classic album and we also profile King Curtis and Bobby Lewis. Find out more about the genesis story of Nervous Records and take a look inside the doors of London’s last vintage dancehall, the Rivoli Ballroom.

We also meet The Surfaris’ Bob Berryhill and revisit the raucous Fool’s Paradise LP by supergroup The Head Cat, while our packed reviews section features Darrel Higham, Elvis, Brian Setzer, a must-own Specialty Records compilation and much more.

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