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This issue we explore the revelation that is Chuck Berry – a heavyweight rock’n’roller that many feel has never been surpassed. The poet laureate of rock’n’roll, as he’s often known, reaches the grand old age of 90 in October, and in our cover feature we raise a glass in his direction and re-tell his story with fascinating insights from biographer and Berry expert Bruce Pegg.

A hard act to follow, for sure, but Sun Records boss Sam Phillips comes pretty damn close, albeit occupying an entirely opposite station. This issue we interview renowned biographer Peter Guralnick, who has recently released an excellent book about the great Sun Records pioneer.




Another fine rockabilly man, Joe Clay, sat down with us to share his thoughts on his resurgence, and we returned to RCA’s famous Studio B in Nashville where we caught up with Kentucky star Billy Harlan for the inside story. We also got up to speed with one of Sonny Burgess’ original Pacers, Bobby Crafford, and Polecats frontman Boz Boorer too – this issue’s ‘Legends of Rock’.

Our Top 40 offers up our pick of rock’n’roll B-sides, the “5” Royales’ are this issue’s classic album, there’s our Pin-Up special (including an exclusive interview with Dita Von Teese) and the story of rock’n’roll in Chicago – plus plentiful competitions and loads more!

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