Elvis Presley was the ultimate iconoclast. He played many roles throughout his life, from rock’n’roll rebel to God-fearing gentleman, from singer to screen actor, from sex symbol to father. It is perhaps the duplicitous nature of many of these roles that makes the King such a fascinating character. As at home singing gospel in church as he was shaking his hips provocatively playing the Hillbilly Cat, Elvis had it all down pat.


The Vintage Rock Collectors Edition Elvis Special is an exploration of the life of the most famous man ever to have walked the earth. We look at his life as a boy growing up in Tupelo, get stories from some of his childhood friends and, in stark contrast, we open the doors to the opulent rooms of Graceland and take a look around.


Also in this special edition we explore Presley’s love of gospel music, examine the artists that paved the way for his success and take a look at his record collection.


Elsewhere there’s features on his debut album(s) and a detailed look at his classic hit Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis guru Trevor Simpson writes about the golden period of early hits that forged a superstar on both sides of the Atlantic and tells the fascinating story of some of Presley’s British connections –  he also offers up an extract from his new book.


Music aside, we cover Elvis in the movies, discuss the powerful female figures in this life and unlock his style secrets to boot…


We hope you enjoy this edition!