In our latest issue, our in-depth cover feature salutes the Imperial phase of Fats Domino as we reveal how the New Orleans scene helped create one of rock’n’roll’s most legendary artists.

We also hear how Buddy Holly inspired the stunning comeback of former Hollies frontman Allan Clarke and reappraise the post-Sun Records career of rockabilly icon Carl Perkins.

Elsewhere, we turn the clock back to Elvis Presley’s army years and go behind the scenes of an exciting new feature-length Joe Meek documentary that aims to bring the influential producer’s work to a whole new generation of fans.

Could 70s glam rock be the missing link behind 50s rock’n’roll and 80s neo-rockabilly? We argue the case….

Our classic album is A Date With The Everly Brothers and we hit the beach for our 20 favourite surf rock tracks.

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