We’re bursting at the seams with big-name artists in the latest issue of Vintage Rock.

In our exclusive interview, cover star Brian Setzer gives us the inside track on his latest studio album, the hot rod-inspired Gotta Have The Rumble, and we also meet Wanda Jackson for an in-depth chat about what she claims is her farewell LP, Encore. Produced by Joan Jett, it finds the First Lady Of Rockabilly going out with a bang.

Elsewhere, we shine a light on Elvis Presley’s ground-breaking first stadium gig in Dallas as we talk to Kay Wheeler, the fan club president who made it all happen as a teenager back in 1956.

On the 60th anniversary of the release of their debut album, we look at the legacy of The Shadows and celebrate the influence of Gene Vincent to mark the half-century since he left us too soon. We also tell the tragic story of singer Dickie Pride and reveal all about mystery man Jimmy Sweeney.

There are Q&As with Jimmy Dale Richardson and Estelle Brown of The Sweet Inspirations, plus our packed reviews section features the aforementioned Brian Setzer, Wanda Jackson and Elvis plus Ricky Nelson, Jimmie Vaughan and much more.


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