Viva Las Vegas organiser Tom Ingram is now making waves of a new kind – he’s launched an online radio station for rock’n’roll fans. Rockin 247 Radio provides around-the-clock music seven days a week. Ingram explained: “We felt that a rockin’ radio station needed something more than what’s already out there. The DJs have more say in the running of it and more freedom with their shows. We wanted to cover all of our favourite music: rock’n’roll, rockabilly, R&B, doo wop, hillbilly – original music, current and recent acts. Basically, everything that the worldwide rockin’ scene is about.” 

The station’s schedule is populated with well-known club and radio DJs, as well as record collectors and musicians from the scene. Rockin 247 Radio can be listened to via your computer, tablet, phone, Alexa and Sonos, or the station’s apps for Android and iPhone.

Listen and check out the full schedule at