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This latest installment of Vintage Rock magazine tells the story of rock’n’roll pioneer Eddie Cochran and his story of bright spark burned out – we explore the incredible legacy of a rock’n’roller that could have rivaled Elvis.










When The Beatles crossed the Atlantic – How the Fab Four took over America!










Jackie Wilson – The story of Mr. Excitement, the singer that inspired a generation.










The Collins Kids – Our exclusive interview with the rockabilly siblings that took the world by storm.










Christmas Rock’n’Roll – We examine the rock’n’roll releases that lit up the goldern era of rock’n’roll…










LaVern Baker – The powerhouse of rhythm & blues!

Screaming Lord Sutch – The eccentric British shock-rock’n’roller that helped pioneer the UK’s rockin’ scene.

Darrel Higham – Imelda May’s husband and rockabilly hep kat Darrel Higham sits down with Vintage Rock to discuss his stellar career thus far.

Hot Wax – In the first part of our series, we follow the story of the independent labels that helped ignite the rock’n’roll explosion.

PLUS –  Top 40 Instrumental Tracks, News, Album Reviews
and much, much more!

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