In the latest Vintage Rock we celebrate 65 years of Buddy Holly’s breakthrough single, That’ll Be The Day, with a very special cover feature where we talk to the song’s co-writer, Crickets’ drummer Jerry Allison, plus Buddy’s widow María Elena Holly and superfan, The Shadows’ Bruce Welch.

Elsewhere, we hear tales of rock’n’roll mayhem that includes brushes with Bowie, Andy Warhol and The Clash, as Smutty Smiff relives his wild days as a founder member of Levi & The Rockats while Dave Phillips reveals all about his time in The Blue Cat Trio and The Hot Rod Gang ahead of his long-awaited return with a new studio album.

We also catch up with the dapper Marcel Riesco in Nashville as he prepares to unveil his latest LP and Vintage Rock takes an in-depth look at the hugely influential Specialty record label, which brought us the likes of Little Richard, Lloyd Price and Larry Williams.

The Night And Day of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins is this issue’s Classic Album and we revisit the early days of the rockin’ British scene for a profile on Wee Willie Harris. Also featured is our countdown of the Top 20 best live albums plus interviews with The Courettes, Mack Stevens and The Elvis Years’ star Mario Kombou.

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